As a small business owner who strives to live a life of both purpose and prosperity, it’s difficult to find proven business strategies that meet all your needs. You’ve read the books, hired the coaches, all the things. But still, you’re left burned out and conflicted because,

They Say…

Make your money no matter what it takes. Your mission can wait.

Don’t talk about passion or purpose, and never take a stand.

Don’t be too idealistic. You can buy your values back later.

The market will determine your worth, so don’t get personal.

The good news is, your intuition is right: not only does that feel crumby, it’s just not true.

We Know…

Your mission is not a luxury. Your mission is the easiest, most fulfilling path to success.


71% of consumers spend more to support a cause.


88% of consumers want you to help them live more ethically.


86% of consumers want to see your actions aligned with ideal values.

The statistics prove what we’ve learned from over half a decade working with entrepreneurs and established companies who want to make changing the world their business: your mission matters most. 

Want to know what all our clients have in common? They all came to us frustrated and struggling. Now they’re all thriving, enjoying doing business on their terms.

No compromising principles for the hope of short-term gains.

No hustle and grind until brun-out takes you back to square  one.

No more discomfort or even guilt asking for sales.

We want that for you too!

At TiCIV, we know that the reason you are so burned out, constantly feeling like you’re spinning your wheels is becuase up until now, you’ve been living separate lives: accomplished business owner by day; passionately committed change maker by night. You’ve been burning the candle at both ends for years.

We’re here to tell you that is not the way!

We know why change happens, and how to make it happen quickly – for your business and the world.

We’ve made getting results with TiCIV so easy!

Choose Your Path

Grow with a community, a dedicated partner, or both? Choose the best approach to growth for you.

Get Expert Support

Whether in a group or one-on-one, you’ll have access to guidance and support from experts just as dedicated to making an impact as you are.

Enjoy Your Success

There’s nothing quite like getting a good night’s sleep knowing you are doing all the right things for yourself, your family, and the future. Enjoy!

We Have the Experience. You Have the Options.

Your business is the best vehicle for achieving the life you want for yourself and your family, and the change you want for your community and beyond. That’s why we provide the partnership, training, and community that visionaries, liberators, and leaders need to turn their passion for change into a sustainable business.

Join the Community

Do you ever feel like you’re the only one doing the work of making a difference every day? Well, we’re happy to tell you that you are not alone! Leaders, liberators, and impact entrepreneurs from around the world are joining TiCIV to progress through the six steps of building an impact business together.

Partner With an Expert

Whether you’re just starting out or transitioning an established company, our expert consultants will partner with you to guide you step-by-step through our trademark impact business development programs. Never wonder if you’re getting it right. Never worry that it’s not going to work. Never be without a partner in your growth.

Why Business?

We are on a mission to change the world, and we know that bringing the best ideas and most beautiful visions into the world through business is the fastest, most equitable way to do that.

Because when you turn an idea into a vision, you make it possible. 

When you turn your idea into a vision, you make it magnetic.

When you turn your vision into a system, you make it real.

And when you turn that system into a business, you’re tested to refine your vision until it becomes viable. 

Ideas are fuel for change, but a viable business can much more easily become a sustainable social alternative.

So, we help visionaries, liberators, and leaders turn their vision into a sustainable, scalable impact businesses so they can become alternatives to the status quo. 

Because we don’t believe in choosing between income and impact. If your business is going to change the world, it’s going to have to generate both.

TiCIV: Type I Civilization essentially defines a society’s technological advancement based on the amount of energy they are able to utilize.

Our vision for the advancement of civilization is a bit more encompassing.  

While everyone else is focused on the technology of tomorrow, we partner with visionaries focused on the people. Our clients aren’t just changing the way we live, they’re evolving the way we human.

We provide partnership, training, and support for the visionaries, liberators, and leaders  challenging the institutions responsible for maintaining systems of scarcity, oppression, and developmental stagnation. 

We know that better is not only possible, it’s within our reach. And we’re taking the responsibility for dismantling these systems out of the hands of those most invested in the status quo and putting it in the hands of the people. By developing, testing, and perfecting our visions as systems and offering them on the market, we’re changing the world without permission.

If we can build civilization to be more technologically advanced, then we can build it to be more socially advanced. And we’re going to.

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